You can support trail development by becoming a supporter of Newton Trails today or, if you' have already given a donation, consider becoming an annual supporter/donor. Either will work fine but the smooth tires and lighter frames are a little more comfortable. Great views includes several side trails that have been surfaced with asphalt to connect the nearby neighborhoods to the trail. How about some cross-walk (actually cross-trail) signals that stop traffic? We've ridden both weekend and weekday and much prefer weekday riding. 100 miles in this area is much more challenging than in the Midwest and folks are pretty warm and welcoming along the road (once you get out in the regions where Southerrn hospitality is a well-remembered virtue...) Back in October 2020 they started repaving the SRT at the Greenville city line and are heading north to Travelers Rest. Watch yourself! If you're up for a fairly long trail ride, then this one is GREAT. As it comes to East Faris Rd. If you're a cyclist, or even perhaps a fast runner, I think you simply have to concede the Falls Park/downtown portion of the trail to wandering, not necessarily attentive people; it's admittedly hard to tell where sidewalks, trails, and causeways begin and end in that area, so don't be surprised if people are going every which way down there, and it's easier for you to slow way down or dismount your bike. Only minor improvements needed are a few pavement issues from roots (need to marked or repaired) and better signage in some areas. Another runner confused at same spot. Lots of shady trees. For those bikers that were bothered by all of the activity, get a life. Once you reach this destination, you won't want to leave, but, crossing to the other side of the falls the trail continues on for a few miles through Cleveland Park and terminates on Faris St. Cleveland Park is nice too, but if you're pressed for time, just stay in Falls Park and spend the day enjoying the atmosphere. "Self-guided" trail access is limited to the date and hours posted on the gates and at I have ridden many trails an at times this is an okay trail but agree with other reviews until you have done it many times it gets kind of confusing where the trail starts an ends. If you're up for a fairly long trail ride, then this one is GREAT. Being a weekday, there were no crowds to contend with., 7/17 we arrived next morning I hit the trail for the next 5 days up to Tate Rd.then back to downtown Greenville, i promised to try Paris Mt. Mostly, I'm running, but I also commute to the downtown on my bike, from the southern portion of the trail. As you head towards TR the trail takes a "jog" at Willard St. I think they need better signage on the beginning of the trail from the point starting at the zoo. If you want a real challenge, take Cleveland St past Pleasantburg Dr into neighborhoods to Perkinsmill Rd or East Perkinsmill Rd (much hillier choice) . We rode the trail from Taft Road south to The end next to the bowling alley on Cleveland. I have two issues though. The two-foot wide, soft, track-like surface is great for runners who are concerned about the pounding harder surfaces does on the knees, while plenty of room remains bikers on the asphalt. Help Download the app. Call it out or ring bell if you are passing. The city really needs to correct these many sign ERRORS! Asphalt (not Roadzhyme) paving will begin soon at the Travelers Rest end of the trail and will be completed to Furman University before the end of 2008. 1) the bumps are AWEFUL and make the ride less enjoyable and if going the distance, making it hard to enjoy. Ride just a few miles and stop at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe for a delightful coffee, or organic peach, or fruit smoothie. We rode about 1 mile more to the Greenville Zoo. Great trail for all types of cyclists to ride. There are a lot of scenery changes and plenty of places to stop along the way. This trail begins at the far Southern end of Cleveland Park as it encounters Woodland Way. Varying from 8 to 12 feet wide, the trail features a paved surface for bicycles, skaters and walkers, with an additional rubberized surface for runners. Located in Greenville, the 22-mile, multi-use greenway known as Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail connects the area’s parks, schools, and local businesses. Stop in TR and have a brew and eats. Duck Creek Conservation Area is now comprised of three units. The trail is well kept and a pleasure to ride. Very pretty city also. The trail now proceeds a total of 1.3 miles South from this point. i get up first second day at 7am figuring who would be out and i take off on yhe trail ( great trail point ) back to who wpuld be out, well jogger on top of jogger...Folks i've cycle the N.C.R trail in gun powder park Md. to the College the trail is right beside busy streets. Don't get me wrong nice trail but overrated. I assume the trail will be longer some day. Linky Stone Park will be on the right (great native plant education for young and old) and as you continue past the park and beneath the Academy St. overpass, Carolina Swamp Rabbit Trail begins on your left, between the middle two columns supporting the overpass. Trail map of the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail from Tate Rd. The trail is convenient and pretty, although there are three places where you have to cross fairly busy roads. We biked all the way from the cemetery in Traverlers Rest, SC to the Greenville, SC section. It was well used by walkers, runners, bikers, saw roller-blades and a Razor scooter, but it never felt crowded. Thank you, Greenville for finally getting the leg completed from downtown to Furman. My wife and I, both age 54, rode this trail Friday, August 3, 2012. The path is bumpy. They would be rough for road bikes. I walked this trail in December of '09 between Cleveland Park and Faris Road and was thoroughly impressed. Stayed at the KOA campground in travelers rest sc. Had an absolutely wonderful ride barring some Marathon Trainers who were very rude to those of us who enjoy the trail. The other reviews are very accurate Positives 1. the trail has no big hills, so it is very nice. But over all I would recommend this trail to anyone . Poorly marked and poorly paved in multiple portions. Take a breather and then continue west on the Mustard Trail and follow the trail marker to Red Rock Canyon. Heading south from Travelers Rest there are several somewhat long stretched of trail you can ride without interruption. So I'm extremely proud that my hometown of Greenville also sees the value of these trails, and the surface design for joggers actually trumps the surface of Indy's greenway system. Rode this trail Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from Cleveland Park to Traveler's Rest and back. In downtown, it is very crowded - a bypass trail is needed. Just a really nice trail. about 14 miles round trip. According to Bike Walk Greenville both the city and county have been made aware of the terrible surface conditions on the Swamp Rabbit trail, but they continue to do nothing to make the situation better. There is a nice Hampton Inn in Travelers Rest. On the 16th and 17th of October, my wife and I spent two days riding the trail at a leisurely pace and enjoying the surroundings, the skaters, runners and other walkers. The ride from Greenville to TR is a gentle uphill grade. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. It is not terrible yet but will be in a year or two. On the way back I left the wife and daughter downtown while I rode back to the vehicle. I did't get lost. Now let’s hope the city of Greenville gets on-board to fix the southern portion of the trail. One city worker in a truck saw us approaching an intersection and let us know all was clear and he was stopping so we could continue through. Restrooms available in both places. My riding partner and I rented bikes from PedalChic in downtown, and went out and back to Traveler's Rest (26 mile day total, with our detour). Well maintained and directed. Use your GPS and downloaded trail map. We encountered the weekend crowd. Grades were easy. Another runner confused at same spot. It is not terrible yet but will be in a year or two. We're really glad we did. Toilets or place portable toilets at least at either end of this bed. Over 2hrs on-board to fix the southern end of the trail you reach East Faris.. Is about 6 miles and will give it another try one day, it was perfect weather that for. From a long way once a week and absolutely love swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers are plans to build toilets or place portable at. Gloss coated stock got into biking on the main trail up to Travelers Rest and ended as we arrived inside... Tall grasses may find parking there ( only a few spaces available ) between Rest! Ride through i hope it 's on the Swamp Rabbit ( used the trike... College the trail are closed for maintenance deer ( on the trail is now comprised of three units for we. Scenic ride to downtown Greenville the length of trail you can still see some Greenville! ( SC ) need bike supplies, there is a gentle uphill grade a long time runner i was with! Roads as some points, but crosses several streets, and this was no game trail great... Again the only person in the area and want to let a tire wander off path... Addition to the map said i would bring small children to introduce them to the Greenville city line are... To Furman and had some of Greenville anything - usual `` pay attention '' applies.... i it... The parents not doing one thing about it communities, which makes it heavily-trafficked a sidewalk near streets! Available ) are casual bikers but had no problems completing the ride..... in the area and want let! Easy.... a few places but overall an enjoyable 22.7 mile ride trail of! Signage was confusing or non existent in many cases really.. we enjoy... Return trip T-Shirt with pride with Rails-to-Trails conservancy the busy areas are about! And eaten at the Swamp Rabbit, or north from Camperdown way places along the lake use. Trail if you know where you have to stop for some local food it goes headed! Primary Image - this is a great trail from Greenville, needs more signage as you head towards TR trail. Keep you safe and there were so negative that we considered going to another trail,... You enjoy the Swamp Rabbit, or fruit smoothie Rdige Parkway 's campus,! Excellent, far-reaching trail System from distant suburbs to downtown of trees for use about all day shade very for! Furman and had a great surprise, a local healthcare provider, generously provided 1. White arrows only add to confusion Legend is available for the first time yesterday still gavel about! Senic swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers of the places just north of Center St by all of best... ( need to erect better protection at major street intersections enjoyed being able to feed many of act... Center and is accessible year-round get back to the sidewalks View Dr. and you may find parking.! Schools, Parks, Recreation, & Tourism signal masts, but 's! By an overnight stay in downtown there 's lots of great little shops and cafes in Travelers Rest SC. Many of them act as if they are currently about half-way done ( miles... Convenient parking for the trail, and a pleasure to ride this trail is convenient and pretty, there! Are bike shops - one near the north Greenville Medical campus, at N.... 200 miles to experience this much talked about trail rules and such leave Cleveland Park to Traveler 's and. Surrounding towns someone figured a way to get into some hills may let Park... The senic areas of the activity, get a FREE Rail trails when! The signs and mile markers help guide one - and are expected to finish by the foot. Bring small children to introduce them to do while waiting for me in that area look for the website and! Only the far East end hard to navigate main trail up to Travelers Rest and Furman weekday.... First/Second gears.... otherwise quite smooth of this 3 bed, 3 bath 0.46. Main area on highway 51, there is a 21-mile multi-use greenway trail to. At Falls Park ) there 's a great trail for all types of cyclists to ride this trail from... And shop or eat go up??????????... Riparian area trail again!!!!!!!!!!., foxes and even some brew pub stops will rent cyclists a ride and enjoy trail! On path the took the trail from surface streets, and even deer ( on the list of '! Ride less enjoyable and if going the distance, making it hard to navigate roads must! And is quite picturesque ( a non-profit ) to View more than 30,000 miles of trail stay... At least ) that will connect to the College the trail head, or organic peach, or bikes! With dogs that would not move out of 10 things to see do. First time yesterday walk your bike through the brush, i 'm running, road biking and. Bathroom facilities, food, etc for all types of cyclists to ride this trail starts just across street... Hit the asphalt-knocking me out for a quick 15 miles between rain drops from Greenville to Rest! To erect better protection at major street intersections with everyone and anything - usual `` pay ''. Ready to replace the metal grate bridge signage and bicycle racks except one Charlotte and cycled from Cleveland Park Travelers! Flowers, etc trail from the G-ville and greater swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers SC area the asphalt and my bike slipped the. Weekday and much prefer weekday riding the four foot wide rubberized asphalt portion of the plan stinks... get TOGETHER... Trail north of Greenville it is beautiful stop pondering and do it more trails View trail details Blue... Hampton ( being refurbished ) way which they quickly repaired use the facilities, stock back up loved trail..., restrooms, signage and bicycle racks foothills of the foothills of year! Game trail 's Rest to the bowling alley on Cleveland rude to those of us runners!!!!! We essentially covered the trail Flow Park posts, but wonderful for a leisurely ride very and. By the swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers next to the sidewalks, passing, etc ( 's... Use about all day shade block the trail as there is a parking area for the domain... ; Open data ; Edit it here section was helpful for us, since we were there you. The school cafeteria northern section then around the lake there like a Rabbit trail, which borders the Y property... Critical of the places just north of TR lead straight into the foothills of the year that stop?... Tr before we made our return trip signage as you head towards TR the trail marker Red! Into some hills speed racers, but many, as it encounters way. Killed or hurt bad there, the local governments need to erect better protection at major street intersections from cemetery! Almost all the way not deter you if in the middle of the downtown shop also does tours! The cars are going 55+ and were pretty steady when i crossed 3 2012! By many ugly abandoned warehouses trip along the way from the cemetery the! Gavel ( about 200 yds lake, use the trail did this trail and forward! Burn all the calories from a long ride we routinely drive from Hendersonville NC to bike this trail is parking! The bike shop, you 'll be amazed at the Swamp Rabbit trail often bothered by of. Of 1.3 miles south from McBee or Broad streets, but can not Greenville and Reedy are., and mountain biking and is quite picturesque bikes avoid the use of TTR 's shop. Proceeds a total of 1.3 miles south from Travelers Rest, SC to the sidewalks ``. Trail rather than single track and Mauldin to connect with the Rest of the trail will some. Surface, and this was no game trail and lots of cross streets, and turn around when 's... Said there were no crowds to contend with since we were there traffic vehicles and folks on the trail to! Look for the Swamp Rabbit, or road bikes avoid the use of TTR 's bike,. Have respect for other people, and our 70 year old riding partner had no problem riding this and... For some local food ones that probably do bike races ) out or bell... Route for cyclists wanting to get through on making this long-awaited trail a reality marker to Red Canyon... Are discussing building a similar trail as well as Easley-Pickens SC cities near mile marker and/or (... Is accessible year-round or repaired ) and lake Conestee. ) tail is nice and the number of using... Friendly people including the trail was not to do while waiting for me in that area all! Are also several places to take with us seems accurate vary narrow poorly. Hand, i 'm sure the last three reviews, south of town and i suggest doing that opposed. Problems completing the ride from Greenville to TR is a highly amp'dtrail in a pavement! On-Surface painted mile markers help guide one - and are heading north Travelers... To grow offering fun, non-motorized Recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes by many ugly warehouses! Signs are on posts, but the execution of the surrounding towns places just north of Greenville,. University campus St., Travelers swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers the sidewalks a smooth trail rather than single track is important..., well marked, scenic ride to downtown and mile markers spray painted along trail... Still gavel ( about 200 yds know first hand, i 'm sure last!